Friday, January 11, 2008

Aching Toe, Friday Morning on the A-4 Combo (1-11-08)

Toe was killing me this AM. Happens a couple of times a year when it gets warm and humid all the sudden. Curse my mishapen feet! Dropped boy off at school, pilfered some pretzels and made my way to High street station. Caught a quick sketch of the platform as train rolled in. Switched to 4 at Fulton and commenced with rather unflattering portrait of this guy. But with my aching toe, I wasn't in a mood to make him look like George Clooney. I guess he didn't appreciate it CAUS he moved down the car quickly. Then focused on big bald mountain of a man whose shining dome closing in on car ceiling in the middle of the car. Dude from first sketch got pushed back over (you can notice back of his head on right side of top drawing).

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