Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And Back Late (Thursday, 1-20-09)

Nice purse dude.

One of many subway workers meandering at Chambers street. They seem to have been working in that station forever, that temporary blue construction area can be seen throughout this blog since last summer.

Those new pepsi ads (in the back left) are everywhere! This guy doesnt give a fuck, he's got the casual Edward James Olmos thing going.

Train really crowded, wearing big jacket, lazy random doodles of whomever I can focus on as I'm kinda distracted.

Pacific street was buzzing for 10pm on a weeknight.


Chloe said...

LOL "nice purse dude"'s a MURSE! Nothin' wrong with that! hah jp :p (friends episode anyone? joey?)

I love the second image of the construction worker. Very cool

Susan Rudat said...

The blue wall makes a great backdrop in your sketches! I s'pose you are sick of it in real life. As always, you're art are most entertaining!