Thursday, January 1, 2009

Need Ink (Tuesday, 12-30-08)

One of her many sick moments during this otherwise quiet early evening M ride to pick up some shmancy printer ink at J&R. There was some snorting and nose wiping I didn't catch.

Man on a bench at Lawrence street who I tried to capture as much as I could during the few seconds the doors were open there. I liked his moustache.

On the way back there was a big familial crew on the benches (not sure if it was one or two families actually) so don't worry if this picture looks creepy.

This guy was dropping science on everything science on everything from rent control to the ins and the outs of the film industry.

Another angle of him holding court in this little corner of the train.


Susan Rudat said...

As much as you take public transportation, I'm sure you see this behavior often. Once while on the Tube in London, I watched a man very loudly accusing another guy of being a child molester. No one else said a word, including the alledged child molester. It was creepy. always, I love your sketches!

Ami Plasse said...

thanks susan,

never that specific accusation, but have heard a lot of craziness in my time. generally ignoring the ranter is the best policy i've found unless you are looking for a little excitement.

happy new year!

grapemind said...

I think you stir something up in others that might have otherwise been lost... At first, I could not see the mustache man for the life of me but I went back to it and just looked harder, and there he was. Thanks for making me look harder.