Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Getting Hectic (Monday, 1-26-09)

Houston Street, waiting on the 1.

Waiting for while at Chambers street, platform a filling. First 2 is, full, but another right behind.

Mellow at first.

But then starts to fill up violently, all sitting figures are obscured. Guy with tie kept giving me off putting glances, messed with my drawing.

Was able to focus on her amidst the figures jockeying for position. Her hair was so perfectly rounded and smooth, nothing out of place, pretty good for the EOD commute on a packed train. It resembled slighly a helmet from a 70s sci-fi movie, can put my finger on the1, maybe Buck Rogers? I guess that was early 80's.

Squeezed off the horse at Atlantic and hopped on the more sparsely populated M for a stop to Union street. Had fun exploring the spheres and curves of this guys face.

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