Thursday, January 8, 2009

Late Thursday Morning, 1-8-09

Heads down at Union Street.

Bench at Atlantic Ave.

Just sacking out on the 2. She didn't just doze off either. She adjusted herself to get as comfortable as possible as if taking a mid afternoon nap on her couch with her dogs up on an ottaman.

Loosey at Chambers street.

Guy reading on the one, trying to draw around a guy who, on a nerly empty car, decided he needed to stand between me and my subject for the last 2 stops. I think he got a sense that he was in the way somehow, but instead of just clearing out he bounced around and remained in my way one way or another.

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grapemind said...

Geez, the guy couldn't move? Your subject in the last sketch is rather handsome. It would annoy me to have some stranger in the way of a creative moment! Oh well, you got the sketch. Wonderful stuff, really.