Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Color and Fur Collars (Tuesday, 1-27-09)

Big man on the 1, don't think he liked me sketching him t'all, but didn't say much.

Some colorful jackets a nice break from the pervasive scale of greys to black on the 2.

Big fur collar. He had an unusual three pronged scar on back of head like a tiny version of one of the starfighters from the original Battlestar Galactica had flown into it. Ya know the ones that were banned from school cause they shot little pellets that got up kids' noses.

On the R, much brown and yellow hair that it overwhelmed her small frame.


Rob Carey said...

I can't help feeling like I just got off a NY subway after browsing through your sketches. Seriously, the rough way you render the forms and smudge on the color captures life down there. Delicate, fine-tipped exacting lines just wouldn't do it. Well done.

Susan Rudat said...

I agree with Rob. It's always an interesting commute through your art...without the smells. Very well done.