Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bad Directions (Friday, 1-23-08)

So if you are a tourist and you obviously don't know where you are going, why do you seem to be drawn to the person on the car who obviously is completely unqualified to help you get to your destination? I had my headphones on, but watched with much amusement the comedy that was the tourist trying to get directions from the other guy. And he did have a map, so I'm not sure what the problem was. I mean, it's color coded, seemed like he was trying to devise a plan to break into diddy's house. While this was going on a woman across the car who seemed to know what was up was trying to help but the tourist was not paying her much heed. Finally, after what seemed to be way too much time spent on the problem, he decided to go over to her after reaching a dead end with the first guy. Not sure if he ever got where he was going, I have a feeling it took a while.

Down the car to the left she was napping.

Platform at Chambers.

Same guy as last frame. He wasn't quite purple, but a "healthy" shade of pink.

He got off and she took his seat, gracing me with her presence from Canal to Houston.

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